Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How To Understand People

For people who are having a hard time in developing self growth, putting themselves unto the shoe of somebody else, you got to be reading this post. This explains how to have fair judgement and consideration to people, in general ways.

1. Notice the complexity of people. Simplify them as the first step. If you have an ego, others do also have one. Others have feelings and depths as well and so as you. This will make things easier for you on considering them.

2. Make or break the first impression. For the most part, first impressions mostly fail. If you don’t make the best of your first time for the first then give a chance for the second impression.

3. Don’t be too harsh when judging, just do it justly to yourself before to others. Be observant to step back from the ego thing. It’s the best way to understand. It means to be blind in a sense that means a moment of preconceived notions and critical impressions of people.

4. Realize that love is not always needed. It’s through the mind that people get to understand people that eventually happens from the heart. At least mutual respect on equal rights and observation should go your way if possible.

5. Be exploring  with the different people and different worlds. Start by watching movies or by book reading. And then explore the reality with people you can’t read about. It needs total self-motivation and control. Always try to have a positive outlook when you try to open your eyes and mind. Don’t be too afraid to fail, it’s not the real failure. Others might say this won’t work for them but remember, you can always have time for whatever makes you happy

6. The test. Everybody has the right to achieve equal justice so then be it. Some things are wrong and right but you have to consider understanding as your main tool in everyday or you will end up being selfish in the eyes of other people.

Make yourself better in listening to people so you can understand what they feel. Step back with your ego to have another clear vision. Treat people like the way you want to be treated and why you want to be treated that way. Remember, anyone may judge justly but there should always be a review on every judgement you make.

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