Thursday, January 2, 2014

How To Start The Year Right

Each year comes with a new year's resolution, by tradition. Not actually for everybody and not all of which can be achieved but is all attainable when being worked out by all means. Any of these could be possibly carried out so let's start off!

1. Love Yourself. Treat yourself more often this time. Don't allow anyone to keep stepping on you. You were born to be you and not for how people wants you to be. You only live once. Make the most out of it!

2. Be Open.Keep your mind open. Don't be too discrete on things. People are around you are alive for a purpose. You just have to trust the right ones or you will be thrown out in the open.

3. Eat less, work more. Manage every meal intake. Don't over eat to be able to work for more. Too much food makes you lazy for sometimes being dizzy. Take care!

4. Work smart, not hard. Don't work hard without being smart. Things will only work if well-thought-out. Don't waste time. Thinking should not consume your life.

5. Pray and forgive always. Pray for everybody, even your worst enemy. Forgive them and yourself for having them accordingly. If God can forgive, there's no reason for you to not.

6. Be determined and courageous. Don't just look at your goals. To be courageous means to be of wisdom on what life wants you to realize in every test. Problems come with a solution. Just be in that moment and feel it. It will all pass. Do what it takes to succeed on each and you'll have it in time meant for you.

7. Have strength. Don't allow life lessons to weaken you. It doesn't exist for you to take it otherwise. Things happen for a reason and not to poison. Rise and shine. It's never too late to pick up the pieces.

8. Be a fighter. Don't allow people to underestimate you for how they think about you. Not everybody deserves your goodness and respect. Let them have what they deserve for what it's worth.

9. Be honest. The truth shall set you free. Be honest on what you can only achieve and work hard to accomplish it. It's best defined when done.

10. Keep the faith. God never leaves your side. You just have to let Him do what he does in guiding you through life. Call him, praise him and do what you have to do. There's always an end to every tunnel.

Life is a roller coaster ride. It goes up and it goes down from time to time. Don't linger on what should be left behind. Move on with your head up high and be as you were with a new perspective through the life lessons you have obtained. The past is not the loss of the future. Make it an inspiration to keep going and you'll get there soon.

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