Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Keep On Moving...2014

This year is a total blast! 

2013 has been the most wonderful year I've gone through so far, in my life. It has not been very good to me, but I have seen the good in it in spite of everything. The adolescent life has come and there's no turning back. Physically, emotionally and spiritually for the most part is the struggles of this year and I had to face it, away from my family. It's more than enough to learn the lesson I should learn. Therefore, it has made me suffer enough to realize what its like in the real world without your parents's assistance, by choice.

It was mid this year when the most challenging time of my life came due to some financial problems for it was a real crisis for me. With the help of God and the helping people around me, I was able to push myself to the limits and survived building a positive outlook out of it. For all the preaching, book knowledge and other life-teaching circumstances, thank you! It was with deepest regret to have involved those people but it was better than involving my parents. I made all these problems and I should face all the consequences without them. Not because they can't help but because they deserve to be problem-free after all. Besides, I should be on my own now and should be able to do whatever it takes to solve things my way.

Thanks and Apologies

Thank God to have made me become a better person in all these problems.

Thank you to the lending people who gave me their assistance in facing all the financial battles. Words are not enough to describe how thankful I am for having you. I will pray for you and your forgiveness on my failure.

Thank you for those who did not stay in my life until 2014, I'm glad to have known your worth without more ado. I will pray for you, too. And I forgive you.

I'm sorry to have bothered you on my stubborn self. I'm sorry to my parents and family that I always take for granted. I will not just say it. Instead will do it to make things up with you. Lastly, I am very sorry to myself for making you suffer until now. I will love you more this 2014.

Message to 2014:

I won't pray for everything to be just fine. I can only pray for everything to be better and prosperous!

Happy New Year!

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