Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How To Understand People

For people who are having a hard time in developing self growth, putting themselves unto the shoe of somebody else, you got to be reading this post. This explains how to have fair judgement and consideration to people, in general ways.

1. Notice the complexity of people. Simplify them as the first step. If you have an ego, others do also have one. Others have feelings and depths as well and so as you. This will make things easier for you on considering them.

2. Make or break the first impression. For the most part, first impressions mostly fail. If you don’t make the best of your first time for the first then give a chance for the second impression.

3. Don’t be too harsh when judging, just do it justly to yourself before to others. Be observant to step back from the ego thing. It’s the best way to understand. It means to be blind in a sense that means a moment of preconceived notions and critical impressions of people.

4. Realize that love is not always needed. It’s through the mind that people get to understand people that eventually happens from the heart. At least mutual respect on equal rights and observation should go your way if possible.

5. Be exploring  with the different people and different worlds. Start by watching movies or by book reading. And then explore the reality with people you can’t read about. It needs total self-motivation and control. Always try to have a positive outlook when you try to open your eyes and mind. Don’t be too afraid to fail, it’s not the real failure. Others might say this won’t work for them but remember, you can always have time for whatever makes you happy

6. The test. Everybody has the right to achieve equal justice so then be it. Some things are wrong and right but you have to consider understanding as your main tool in everyday or you will end up being selfish in the eyes of other people.

Make yourself better in listening to people so you can understand what they feel. Step back with your ego to have another clear vision. Treat people like the way you want to be treated and why you want to be treated that way. Remember, anyone may judge justly but there should always be a review on every judgement you make.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to Handle Changes in Life

Predominantly, people must actually change to change the situation or condition where they are in at the present time. Not all people are resembling with major changes and most of them are afraid of such. However way those changes would seem to you, it might just be the humdrum for the rest.

Mentioned below are some of the steps you could do with to adjust with life-changing events of the current time.

Changes will happen, take it, you won’t have a choice. 

You will enjoy some of the changes, expect that. 

Some changes will be very unexpected, that shouldn't come as a surprise

Changes will be a challenge, some of it.

Changes will make you grow, go with it

It’s a new chapter in your life, accept it!

Accept everything as it is at the present, it’s the key to accepting change

Put arguments in a coherent manner, its way better to be understood

Tolerate others, you can bear with them

Accept certain things that are not familiar with you, be exposed to it, learn about it and involve yourself, eventually it would be necessary

All the changes in my life were really out of the blue, I may not be at the peak of every change yet but I can now foretell the future of changing, from who I am now and who am going to be. It’s like a battle that you face alone if you choose to and be with your partner if you’re fortunate enough to have him/her stay or be with your family and keep your strength together. Do not expect life to be good, you just have to enjoy the ride.

Here then comes the old hippie saying “Don’t knock it until you have tried it”. It’s the same thing with change, try it and knock it down if you can’t take it.

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Secrets on How to Keep Yourself Motivated

Every phase of our lives is consist of many struggles which you face along the way. Whether you like it or not those are going to be visible in every way and you have to keep the strength for motivation to continue and success to follow.

Here are a few secrets I can share from my own point of view as I keep up with the life-changing struggles in my life.

Anticipate bumps in every plan you make. “You never really know what's coming. A small wave, or maybe a big one. All you can really do is hope that when it comes, you can surf over it, instead of drown in its monstrosity.” 

Don't go wild with your dreams. Don't make your dreams demotivate, backfire and burn you out when it seems to be so impossible. “People think dreams aren't real just because they aren't made of matter, of particles. Dreams are real. But they are made of viewpoints, of images, of memories and puns and lost hopes.” 

Work on your goals everyday. Take small steps to be ahead on keeping on with your goals. "You can have it all. Just not all at once.” 

Lean on the people supporting you when you struggle. Think of your family and friends who want you to succeed. Choose the people who would inspire you to strive with your past failures as you face the recovering times toward your goal. “You want you to have big dreams, big goals. You want you to strive to achieve them. But you don't want to see you beating yourself up every time you make a mistake.” 

Make yourself a priority. Think of your needs first even if you would feel selfish about it. Progress will derail when you sacrifice yourself for others and please them. “Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.” 

Make a change in yourself and things you do. Nothing else changes unless it starts with you. “You have no control over your growth or development. But you have a control on the direction of your growth and development! Go, grow towards impact directions!” 

Continue learning. Refuel your life. Focus on the process. Learning is always and is a process. “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”  

Don't forget the meaning of what you do. Reach for your goal with purpose or you will not have it. “Everything ends, and Everything matters. 

Always keep your head up high even if things fall down. Stay positive in all your endeavors. Make things fun as you make progress to ease the pains of your struggle. And feed your mind with inspirational stories 
where you can reflect on handling things right.Most especially, have faith in God. He is the all-time savior of every existence. Praise Him.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

This movie entitled, "Spy Kids, All The Time in the World" ended with a lesson saying. "It's not about how much time you have, it's about what you choose to do with it ." And it makes total sense after realizing the thought of its meaning.

Apparently, our loved ones has the most space in our hearts for their value. We see them everyday of the month and years but the question is are we able to spend or make quality time with them? Life is too short and we always say we're busy and not fulfilling the times we should have with the people we love.

Go ask yourself now. Always remember, work comes and go but family and friends stays forever. Make time for them or time will get them from you.

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Monday, January 6, 2014

How to Make a Change

Changes will always have a space in you. Only when you allow it to change you. Maybe not perfectly but somehow will do. Changes at first is a total hardship for life but as time goes by, circumstances around you will make sense with the message it's really trying to convey. And it feels great to find it out after so.

In the midst of all the struggles, wisdom comes in and out of mind to enable you in defining life. None of it comes just as smoothly as you want them to be. Life should be a balance or you'll get a hell of life struggles, otherwise.

In the last part, still you will win. Not in a sense of competition but in trying to develop your life than how it was before. It's more than  a blessing when accomplished. Just always take time to hear the core of yourself and see what happens from then on.

People have their own problems to make minor changes on some life aspects which could make major changes the hardest. Hopefully you can be guided by the following.

1. Know what needs to be changed. Decide from how you act and feel about certain socialization around you. Know what you like and you don't like about yourself. Take them out, be sure if it has to be taken out and then proceed.

2. Think of the possible hindrances. There are reasons to why changes aren't done and make things even harder to do. Figure out those things that make you hold back. It can be your will or time management. It would be easier to do things when you understand it.

3. Plan your life. Know what you need to do from A-Z and draw a line to where you're going. Ask yourself if what you're trying to do is worth achieving and take it form there.

4. Set new habits. Do which that would reinforce you to your goals and to all the choices you made for the plan.

5. Work on it. Work hard on what you want to achieve. Do not give up in all the steps you take.

Changes don't take place when you give up from time to time of every start. You have to be certain of what you want to happen in your life to make progress. Things would be harder to break than it was before soon as you can establish a new  changed and determined person in you.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

How To Start The Year Right

Each year comes with a new year's resolution, by tradition. Not actually for everybody and not all of which can be achieved but is all attainable when being worked out by all means. Any of these could be possibly carried out so let's start off!

1. Love Yourself. Treat yourself more often this time. Don't allow anyone to keep stepping on you. You were born to be you and not for how people wants you to be. You only live once. Make the most out of it!

2. Be Open.Keep your mind open. Don't be too discrete on things. People are around you are alive for a purpose. You just have to trust the right ones or you will be thrown out in the open.

3. Eat less, work more. Manage every meal intake. Don't over eat to be able to work for more. Too much food makes you lazy for sometimes being dizzy. Take care!

4. Work smart, not hard. Don't work hard without being smart. Things will only work if well-thought-out. Don't waste time. Thinking should not consume your life.

5. Pray and forgive always. Pray for everybody, even your worst enemy. Forgive them and yourself for having them accordingly. If God can forgive, there's no reason for you to not.

6. Be determined and courageous. Don't just look at your goals. To be courageous means to be of wisdom on what life wants you to realize in every test. Problems come with a solution. Just be in that moment and feel it. It will all pass. Do what it takes to succeed on each and you'll have it in time meant for you.

7. Have strength. Don't allow life lessons to weaken you. It doesn't exist for you to take it otherwise. Things happen for a reason and not to poison. Rise and shine. It's never too late to pick up the pieces.

8. Be a fighter. Don't allow people to underestimate you for how they think about you. Not everybody deserves your goodness and respect. Let them have what they deserve for what it's worth.

9. Be honest. The truth shall set you free. Be honest on what you can only achieve and work hard to accomplish it. It's best defined when done.

10. Keep the faith. God never leaves your side. You just have to let Him do what he does in guiding you through life. Call him, praise him and do what you have to do. There's always an end to every tunnel.

Life is a roller coaster ride. It goes up and it goes down from time to time. Don't linger on what should be left behind. Move on with your head up high and be as you were with a new perspective through the life lessons you have obtained. The past is not the loss of the future. Make it an inspiration to keep going and you'll get there soon.
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Keep On Moving...2014

This year is a total blast! 

2013 has been the most wonderful year I've gone through so far, in my life. It has not been very good to me, but I have seen the good in it in spite of everything. The adolescent life has come and there's no turning back. Physically, emotionally and spiritually for the most part is the struggles of this year and I had to face it, away from my family. It's more than enough to learn the lesson I should learn. Therefore, it has made me suffer enough to realize what its like in the real world without your parents's assistance, by choice.

It was mid this year when the most challenging time of my life came due to some financial problems for it was a real crisis for me. With the help of God and the helping people around me, I was able to push myself to the limits and survived building a positive outlook out of it. For all the preaching, book knowledge and other life-teaching circumstances, thank you! It was with deepest regret to have involved those people but it was better than involving my parents. I made all these problems and I should face all the consequences without them. Not because they can't help but because they deserve to be problem-free after all. Besides, I should be on my own now and should be able to do whatever it takes to solve things my way.

Thanks and Apologies

Thank God to have made me become a better person in all these problems.

Thank you to the lending people who gave me their assistance in facing all the financial battles. Words are not enough to describe how thankful I am for having you. I will pray for you and your forgiveness on my failure.

Thank you for those who did not stay in my life until 2014, I'm glad to have known your worth without more ado. I will pray for you, too. And I forgive you.

I'm sorry to have bothered you on my stubborn self. I'm sorry to my parents and family that I always take for granted. I will not just say it. Instead will do it to make things up with you. Lastly, I am very sorry to myself for making you suffer until now. I will love you more this 2014.

Message to 2014:

I won't pray for everything to be just fine. I can only pray for everything to be better and prosperous!

Happy New Year!

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