Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Bestfriend

It's 22 years now and it is at this very moment that I could finally say “I have found my best friend!”. Notwithstanding the struggles I’ve been through with her and despite all the confusions of where things are going, through all the good and bad times, we’ve found the value of the best friendship we both could ever have. I would have to say that I’m certain of saying so even if this might just be the earliest phase of adulthood.

Basing it on experience, I would say that she had I think the most dreadful life we could ever imagine. She’s had more than enough but life is always a challenge to face. With the troubles from the past and in the present, she’s still able to manage her happy, thankful and contented life.  She has had not just the typical pain but all the worst of it. So who am I to grumble about my history, in contrast?

She has not just witnessed all the good things for she was also with me, in the most bad ones. Who would have thought of our duo, right? “Trouble Is A Friend” that’s what we both love to sing and it made sense, in the latter time. We faced life each day with full hopes and prayers and we've got more than just that –US.

My self-improvement was highly attainable with her help and vice versa. We'll both be on that same page for the betterment of each other until the end of time -best friends.

This is actually my year-end tribute for I wouldn't be able to survive this year - 2013, without her ear-splitting, lament, fuming, nagging moments. Lol

Thank You Message

Thank you for all the tears we both cried together. For all the battles we've overcome, together, for all the happy and sad moments we both continue to enjoy and fight together. Thank you for all the staying power. Peace and war happens from time to time. But always remember that no matter how our fights go, I will always be your best friend and I won’t befall on being the people who busted your faithful and joyful life.


I would like to apologize for all the blunders and unbothered approach I’m still doing at this time. I couldn't be a perfect fit in this world where we live but I would always appreciate everything that you say whether my ears can take them or not, that’s a promise! I can only live for what I think is right for me. I cannot be the person you have become or you'll still become and we should agree to that. However, I would love to see how we both could turn out with each other, in the coming years of our lives.


In you, I have found my eldest sister, boyfriend, girlfriend and parents –jam-packed! You were there to shed light on things when I don’t understand how I and my parents understood each other. You were there when the world was against me. You were physically, spiritually and emotionally there when nobody else was. You were my shield when I can’t be a shield of my own. You just keep fighting with me in those nuisances.

All the troubles our friendship had cost are more than deserving of praise for it made all the lessons become a product of the future you and I will have.

Thank you B! (as in... Bunny, Bessy. Bb) I love you very much and I will treasure you without end.

You are most welcome for these mark of respect, you deserve more than this! ;)

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How to Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is one of the best holidays everyone could ever celebrate. It is is a yearly occasion that is filled with cheerful and wonderful moments, whether or not you are celebrating it according to religion.

Christmas is celebrated in many many ways around the world and it’s all counted. No matter what you prepare and what you accomplish within such time would be of great value. It doesn't have to be expensive for it only needs to come from the heart.

In the main, Christmas is when Jesus was born so it’s for family and friends to get together. It’s when everybody treats the day as a holiday for each others company. People take advantage of this time to reconnect with the gang and create the same old traditions that they used to do.

Things to Remember

Don’t just be happy for the gifts but be thankful for all that you've acquired. Anything more than that is a bonus.

Be traditional and respect the way others celebrate the occasion, their way.

Understand that some people may find celebrating a hard time especially if serious problems are involved like death. Comfort them most and include them in your good wishes.

Happy Holidays everyone! 

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to Be Strong

Why do others survive difficulty and why do others don’t? Life’s adversities have never immune people on coping up and recovering from the most exhausting condition. For your own mental, physical and spiritual development, you might want to try and follow the following suggestions.

Be strong, in mind. Being strong implies power and having care on one’s own life. Weakness, on the other hand implies on having no power and being vulnerable. In whatever case, there are really things you can and can’t control. But you can focus on other things to make the situation better. Accept things as they are and focus yourself on what’s good for you.

Choose the attitude. We can sometimes be helpless on doing changes in our lives for things can really be challenging. However, you can still be in control on that matter depending on the attitude that you have. Just be positive as it’s the right thing to do at any given circumstances regardless of whatever it is.

For example, if a person is trying to make your life miserable, don’t let it sadden you. Instead, be proud, be hopeful and remember that no one could take away things from you with the right attitude. Remember what Roosevelt said? “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Find your passion in life. People with strong emotions see each day as a gift. They always try to take advantage of what life has to offer. Be mentally and emotionally strong like when you were still a kid and get the most out of it.

Believe in yourself. If you have made it this far, then you can make it through more things. If you take things one at a time, you can then survive what you are going through. Nothing is easy but when you think you’re falling apart, just close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Be wise in choosing your battles. Ask yourself if every little thing should exasperate you. Try not to worry about anything else. Remember what Sylvia Robinson said, “Some people think it’s holding on that makes one strong but sometimes it’s all about  letting go.”

Be with the people that's closest to you. Spend time with the people who love you and are close to your heart. It can be your friends, family and anybody else who have always been supportive on you. If there seem to be no available person, you can make new friends and do the approach.

Keep the balance in your life. It sounds easy, isn't  it? It’s always overlooked for it can hardly be done. We can either be hardworking or sometimes lack time for self-preservation. But when you get a good balance on things, you will start to appreciate things for what it’s worth.

Give thanks for what you have. Life is hard but there’s always something to thank for. Even if happy things have already gone, there are still more to appreciate. It will push you through the hard times so be thankful for it. You might not have the money but you have all the support that you need from the people who love you. It’s more than anything in this world. So think about that.

Don’t be too serious on things. Life could sometimes be made as a comedy. Wrapping things up could never be easy but taking a step back and be more philosophical can be more romantic. You must be happy on the limitless possibilities, wonders and absurdity that life gives you.

Nothing is permanent, keep that in mind. Let sadness, depression or grief, happen. Those things are uncontrollable. Whenever things happen, remember that in time, it will pass and everything will be okay.

Make it a must for hardships to not take over your life. Don’t behave incorrectly on the circumstances you face each day. It won’t help you get the problem solved. Have your own attitude control the side effects of life for things to be better or your whole life will be controlled with your consent.

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

How To Be Confident

Write down and recognize your talents and good qualities. Always try to pat yourself no matter how things turn out badly. Better focus on your good qualities and don’t be perceived by your flaws to boost the way you see your self-worth. Think of your total personality in all aspects from looks, talents and social life.

Think of the obstacles of having confidence. Write down everything that are keeping you away from becoming confident. It can be friends, time management, bad background and etc. After that, ask yourself whether it’s valid or logical? Are these only assumptions? Answers would only be yes or no. Now, does it make sense for your self-worth?

Everyone struggles with confidence, remember that. There are a few people who could manage on hiding it but everyone else have struggled on being confident at some point in their life. So you are not alone.

Confidence is not a singular achievement it’s a process. Soon as you have it, it’s not yet the finished line. We always have to move forward since everyday is another starting point for every progress. Keep going to resolve the remaining hurdles of life.

You were born with it. It’s not Maybelline. It really isn’t. It’s the society that made you feel what you feel. It was learned but they can also be unlearned.

Take things out of your head to make progress. Take the past out of your head and focus on what you have to do in the present. Just stop making those thoughts inside your head swirl around you.

For more tips on how to become one, click here!

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Impossible People: How to Deal With Them

For the most part, people know someone who is making every situation impossible. They are difficult and demanding to handle but they don’t even see that problem. Whether or not it is caused by chaos or some issues from before, here are some ways on how to interact with people like such and to protect your own sanity.

Refuse to be cynical. Impossible people are called as such for a reason. In their mind, you are the ones with all the bad behavior and you can’t say anything for you to be well thought-out. You are already at fault no matter what.

Agree to the circumstances. You can’t do something about impossible people for they exist. So face the truth. If you think that you are dealing with an impossible person, then you are.

Don’t state the problem. It will not improve your relationship. Instead, it will only make the person more complicated. Recognize that it is a special situation. They have to be treated as children, in some ways.

It’s not you, it’s them. This can be really difficult because they have complete mastery on shifting the blame. Chances would be, they will blame you more often or they will blame themselves more. Remember, impossible people “can do nothing wrong” so if you accept the responsibility for your faults and is able to improve yourself, that’s not you who have the problem.

Consider to be calm. It is important for your personal defense. Do not provoke them from making the situation more difficult. Do not stoop down to their level by talking to their face. Just stay calm.

Save your angst. Impossible people will think of it as a gift. Anything you say or do will be used against you from time and again. They tend to have amazing memories and they will not mind using the endless list from the past on you.

Prepare for projection. Expect and understand that you will be accused for all your behaviors as they see everything in you as a page. Know by now that the impossible person’s flaws and failings will be ascribed to you.

Bear in mind that you are the fault of everything. A never-ending supply of arguments is in their minds to support this and they will be more contented if you will encourage them.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to Unwind

Do you have a problem and you don’t have enough energy? Don’t you feel one hundred percent fine? Everyone needs time to unwind in any way they want but here are a few guidelines to add up your options on how to distress and chill yourself out to feel better.

1. Take a break from all things.  Sort out all that’s bugging you and have a rest. Nobody can fully keep going without having a break. Sort out your thoughts and write everything on a paper, write on a blog, speak to an animal, whatever you do. Just clear your worries and take it out of your system.

2. Organize Daily. Arrange your daily routines to get in to the right direction. Do not rush things to enjoy every day. Keep a record of all your thoughts to help yourself move forward with an anchor point.

 3. Breathe and know that worry will not solve your problems. Give space and time for yourself. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that worry will not make things better.

4. Learn to do new things. Listen to workshops, videos or anything that can provide you with opportunity and let you learn more about the world. It may not be possible to learn while you unwind but its fun with people who are enthusiasts and it can even be incredible.

5. Find positive things about the situation. Be positive and it will make you a big difference on how you handle your problems. Surround yourself with positive people and exercise to help you feel happy.

6. Talk about it. This is so far the best remedy. To whoever you may want to share it, is your decision. Talk to someone you trust and tell it all out.

7. Smile. Keep smiling even when you’re down. It can enlighten someone’s mood. If smile isn't enough, then laughter is the best medicine.

8. Tell people when they have crossed the line. Tell people how you feel about how they treat you and make them stop. Let them say what they want to say and listen in exchange. Accept opinions and remember that honesty is always the best policy. But be considerate whenever possible.

9. Have a good sleep. It is the best way to restart your body. Forget about the extremes of life and rest internally. Pamper yourself and don’t be pressured. It’s always the key to unwinding. Things will become clearer soon as you wake up.

10. Don’t rush things.  Slow down and enjoy. Realize that it’s not about how fast you are because it's always about the outcome of what you have achieve.

Now, if none of this works for you, see a professional. Nobody deserves stress and needing to see someone is hard but it will be courageous for you to do so, if you need one. There is much more relief when you gain it from people who are not judgmental of your situation.

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

How to Live Life With Courage

In contrary to what other people believe, courage is not what makes your quality or something that’s intuitive as it’s something that can be honed.

It doesn't need any staged or brave actions but you have to rise above the daily barriers in order to attain your goals and needs.

What is Courage?

Courage is a mental and emotional awareness to deal with the most difficult and challenging circumstances that sometimes seem unworkable. It’s the capability to triumph over pain, ambiguity, fear and other thoroughness that could bother one’s life.

Why develop courage?

When we decide to have courage, we develop ourselves to have the ability on confronting with problems and dealing with the most unavoidable challenges. Courage is a psychological muscle and it may produce health problems whenever we encounter harmful and counterproductive things. So it would be healthier to supply ourselves with courage as a wiser alternative.

How to Develop Courage?

Take responsibility for your state of mind, welfare and your events in life. You have to be more prolific, and happy to have a meaningful, courageous life.

“We must have courage to bet on our ideas, to take the calculated risk, and to act. Everyday living requires courage if life is to be effective and bring happiness".

 -Maxwell Maltz

Don’t acknowledge the absence of fear. Even the most courageous man feels it.

Be willing to be courageous. A person who decides to go through a new habit or character would require willingness to be able to contemplate with the alternative and ample motivation.

Start small, somewhere. Step out of your comfort zone and venture forth. Things may seem hard at first but it’s a good start. It can be scary but things will be fine, eventually. Whenever you feel that you are holding back, ask for suggestions and other opinions. Surely though, you may have to quit on doing those things that you have always done. For example would be quitting on a job where you don’t feel suited and you have long been outgrown.

Develop faith and confidence. Have faith in yourself and in your power on making things work. This will come from having a positive attitude and with the vision of a favorable outcome. Besides, a courageous person with a courage mindset is a product of self-confidence, positive thinking and most especially, of faith.

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Meaningful Happiness

Everybody wants to be happy and everybody should  be. Constantly, distractions and the prerequisite standard of living are living in the same society where we live. In those distractions, we are losing the sense of loving our own.We are more influenced by what we see from others and are not living according to what we want. For example, in the long run of having all the social medias, these days, people are starting to dress and behave like their favorite people, more specifically referred to as, stars or artists.

Without knowing though, with all those things happening around you, you will only get further from how you expect your life to be.

To start off, meaningful happiness means how your family, income, likes, wants and other necessities make or break you. What among these is meaningful to you? Take your time and reflect on your  answers. Don’t just continue living preoccupied and living your life just like how others do on Facebook, television and etc. If you are seriously wanting to know about this, then you have to answer all of these questions to make a meaningful life ahead of you. Otherwise, superficial happiness will continue with its existence which will leave you empty in the end of time.

Meaningful happiness starts in YOU. And for you to experience it the most, you must have that clear vision of your life. Know the values and choices that has to be made to make a perfect life you ever wanted and not let other people to design it for you.

“You are the designer of your life. Be selective with the tools that you use or else you’ll end up with a messy portrait” -Tiffany Mason

For you to experience meaningful happiness, you have to choose on what to allow and disallow in your life. Temptations belong to the noises around you in this world and you can easily be influenced by the wrong source of energy. Whenever you allow a negative energy come into your life, you can ask yourself a lot of things and it can be about “Who wants to live this way?”, “Am I happy doing this?” “Could this be a worthy experience?”. Those types of occurrences need your decision and it’s for you to find out what’s next after doing so.

How to Start Living with Meaningful Happiness?

It starts with creating your own philosophy on how you see your life and yourself. It determines the direction of your life and the journey you experience. Learn about your personal philosophy and start your life from there. It can either unleash you to your fullest potential or hold you back whenever you start. You can feed your mind with something that can nurture your potential or something poisonous. It can be kindness, love, peace or the total opposite. Surround yourself with what provides meaning to your life. If peace is important in your life, take time to meditate with nature. And experience whatever that gives you peace to make a meaningful happiness in your life.

Start Taking Control On Your Life

1. Start reflecting on your life, tonight!

2. Know what makes you happy at the present time.

3. Does it make you happy, inside? Yes/No? Why? Has it gotten you so far? Did it actually help or hurt you?

3. Write down about what is truly meaningful in your life. Family? Any other experiences? Or community?

4. How or why or how is it meaningful for you?

When you start writing, make it an alignment of what truly means for you. If you can consistenly handle them, that is when you experience a meaningful happiness in life.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Myths of Fighting

1. Fighting brings out the truth as it clears the air. Heating up doesn’t make you tell all the truths you wouldn’t tell otherwise. Why would both parties say what they don’t mean and sometimes nastier than the truth when it’s always possible to discuss things in a calm manner and would lead to a more truthful conversation.

2. In the family, most of the things are fine if it all hangs out. You can be as emotional as you want and tell all the things you would not say to your friends or who else. However, you should be responsible for all that’s going to come out of your mouth, no matter in what situation you may be because everything will be remembered by everybody.

3. Fight happens, its uncontrollable. You always have the choice on how to behave and express yourself. But if you have developed the habit of fighting or never learned controlling your temper, you may have to deal with it now so you can behave accordingly.

4. Yelling in fights. Not anyone, is responsible for how you behave and so as you. You can opt to not yell back and just speak calmly or leave, instead. Your fighter won’t keep talking when he's already alone. And if he does? He must be crazy.

5. Arguing and yelling is natural when angry. Only that, it’s not the only way to show anger. Just the most dramatic way. In fact, it’s the most ineffective way to come up with a solution to why you’re angry. So why waste time?

6. It’s a family trait. Everyone in the family has it for it’s common but it;s not genetic, at all. It’s a learned behaviour and is dysfunctional as a trait. It’s a habit you have developed ad you can overcome it for the benefit of yourself. Unless you always want to be angry in your whole life, of course!

7. Ragging behaviours like cursing, throwing things, and shouting is all fine, as long as you don’t hit anyone. These are called emotional abuse which can really be damaging to your repute. If this is happening now, you should stop it, by any means

Fighting accomplishes nothing and is not necessary. 

Heated emotions won’t get the problems solved. So let go of it and calm for things to be fine. 

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Monday, December 2, 2013

How to Stop Making Excuses

Are you the kind of person with lots of shortcomings? If so then you have to find out why and start doing something about it now.

Constantly doing the habit of making excuses for oneself can have huge and multiple impacts ranging from being referred to as unreliable, self-protective and paranoid. Strongly, you may be well-respected forthright and in all other aspects in both professional and personal life. However, each time you cover those shortcomings with excuses, a negative reputation is bound to develop.

As for the solution, it would entirely be relying in your control. So it’s time to break the habit of making excuses.

Be Aware of Your Excuses

Your excuses have been making you problems and you know that. A person might be confronting you jokingly which may not seem respectful at all. Maybe you’re known as someone who breaks promises, someone placing blames on other people or someone who doesn't accept responsibility for any particular behavior. You might be a procrastinator who takes too much or can’t say no and get everything undone. Any of these can compromise your reputation. Your friends and colleagues see you as the last person they can approach on things and you wouldn't like that. Would you?

When you make excuses at all times, you only show a person that is not dependable. So for that, it’s time to make a change.

According to Bob Wall, “The one common denominator in every mess you find yourself in is you”. 

At this instant, you need to shed some of  your excuse-maker traits. To start with, you have to :

Recoup people’s respect and not allow them to take advantage of you

Change your weakness to a forward impression to change people’s perception of you

Level up your confidence and sense of pride

Moreover, here are some tips I could spare you:

Face facts

Acknowledge that you have such problem. Stop procrastinating and hope to resolve it yourself. You should accept the fact that your friends have already stopped accepting your explanations at face value. So why should  you not?

Get Over It Yourself

If you haven’t accepted the fact of you making excuses, you may have felt to be in the opposite of what people thinks about you. There will always be people who’d disagree, who will unjustly disrespect you but you shouldn't waste much time in creating explanations for your excuses to prove them wrong. Because if you do? You will just sound, immature.

Be Clear With Expectations

If you have that restriction on things you can only accomplish, you wouldn't be tempted to be accountable for your failure. Be direct and ask for the time commitment required and don’t feel forced to accept it of you know that you’ll end up laying the blame on others when things mess up. Think of it as a responsibility for a joint enterprise.

Be Truthful

Making excuses is a stressful lying because you have to remember all the excuses you've told other people. So stop making fancy descriptions to cast yourself in a better light. It will make the people around you uncomfortable.

Stop the Complaints

Stop looking for an easy way out. Drive yourself to change and keep reminding yourself every day, that making excuses will only give you negative implications.

Speak and Shut Up

Learn to say sorry without making a long-winded explanation. Reasons for delay won’t matter after it’s late. Challenge yourself to eliminate making excuses from now on.

Accept Criticism

Accept your faults but don’t let habitual moaner undercut your confidence. Not everyone can reinvent themselves like how you start doing it. Don’t let them get you to the same old defensive person. When you listen to critics, let it be more specific and discuss the future than taking it all back.

Build a buddy system

Concord with a person who has the same problem with you. I mean, find someone who is also into reinventing himself, make him commit to the reinvention when the old excuses are being done and vice-versa.

Write Yourself a Contract

Write down your short and long term goals with deadlines set to reach them. Seeing them might have more impact on you especially if your buddy is checking up on you with it. 

Ask for collaboration

Find solutions instead of creating justifications. If you always wake up late, have someone to wake you up on time. If you are not able to do your tasks let somebody make you do it. If you have to seek a professional motivator, then find one.

There’s no excuse.

You are the only person who is responsible for yourself. Life gives you choices and you are entitled to choose one but not to make excuses out of it. If you opt for honesty, confidence and integrity you will be happier and healthier.

People’s impression is made on how you react on external events. And it’s never too late to start things better. Show how much willingness you have for change. Start to make the solutions and not the excuses. It would take time and much effort but it’s all worth.

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Storms of Life

When nuisance comes, we sometimes fail to remember our knowledge about God. We struggle to summon up the answers of long ago which are previous lessons acquired from previous experiences as they seem the only reality.

The mind spins with implications of the future and emotional trouble to hold back clarity in thoughts. And in our own strengths, we lack adequate resources and abilities to meet the changes in life. So God provides what is necessary. He organizes the circumstances, glorify us and our benefit, accordingly, to His will.

Not a soul, would want to suffer in the whole duration of his life. But in the hands of God almighty, trials become tools. Adversities are used by God to carve up believers into people that He intends them to be. Jesus allowed his disciples to fear and live in apprehension on that boat, for restraint and because He wanted something far more important for their lesson and His teaching. Disciples were organized to see vulnerability, His capability and their reliance on Him.

Are you going through some challenges? Are you using what God has provided? Otherwise, click here.

Ask God to let slip of His presence in the midst of your trouble and he will endow with your needs, spiritually. 

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Jim Rohn: Financial Independence Philosophy

On the previous post, financial independence was being tackled 
and you can now have the reference on how to start doing it through this webinar.

                                                               Watch Video Here

Here are some of the lines I was able to note from the seminar and I hope this will help you the same way it was able to help me.

"Financial independence is a worthwhile objective"

"Bible phrase that say: The love of money is the root of evil"

"Learn to live on 70% of your income. For the remaining 30% put in for capital, giving and investment"

"Bible phrase: The borrower is a servant to the lender"

"Self-thinking is for the development of skill"

"Develop a new attitude to handle your money"

"Open up a new savings account"

"It's the plan that counts. Not the amount. Not the amount, it's the attitude. Keep a strict account.Know where it all goes."

"Be enterprising. Profits are better than wages."

"Develop more skills for more money"

"Have an incredibly excellent plan on what to do with your money"

"Richness comes from self-confidence"

"It's not the growing bank account  but its your growing awareness, you have a plan, you are in charge,
you are in track,"

"It's changing and difference because you are committed when you made it"

"The true treasure is in personal development"

"Happiness is not contained in what you get happiness is contained in what you become but sure enough that what you become is related to what you get so you have to take a look at what you've gotten and have great satisfaction that you're the one who defined it"

"You made the change and you made the hard decision"

Now, for your own financial independence, get a book, get some other books and read it. Make it a game, play it, change the attitude with plans and pay your bills with enthusiasm and it all starts from there!

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Financial Independence

I grew up striving for the happiness of my parents on my education until such time that I started working home-based and i earned more than much when compared to some of my other schoolmates who are working, traditionally, after graduation. It was 2 years of my life that I've given for article writing and I lost my track when I have experienced the problems of the heart. 

Working on feeling better from what happened, there came an opportunity which made the troubles in my life worst than ever but I couldn't blame the situation because I decided for all that. In short, I just lost my control on everything for quite a long time and up to now. 

Slowly though, I have come to realize the following as time goes..

Don't make yourself a dupe. If you change, everything will change for you. It's all about what you do, not what happens.

Invest your money and spend what is left. Don't do otherwise

Now is the time to fix where you are and where you are going at

Life is accumulative. "Our errors either accumulate into what we don’t get or our wise decisions accumulate into what we do get.”

Associate with the right people. It's the power of influence and it's the fundamentals of wealth and happiness.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Random Thoughts

Outside is joyful but inside are pains, doubts, dreams and wishes that are yet to be fulfilled. None of us can be totally alike as we have different stories to tell. Comparisons? There should be nothing like such for we exist in this race for different purposes, by God, that makes no right for anyone to compare. 

Life is a maze, yes, it is full of circles that only rolls up and down and you've got to take it out. When you are up, something must have gone you done, and when you're down, something must have gone you up, make sense?

We lift ourselves in any way we think we can and part of that is by loving, in one way or another. Everybody loves anybody for no definite reason but more surely felt. All are born to give and take that should I think not be reciprocated with expectations, when true. Everything happens for a reason to make or break you, later on. So how you deal with it is your full responsibility and no one else can decide what you think is worth your action and attention. Whether or not, you do or do not know what you are doing, it's for you to find out the consequences afterwards. 

Things and people change for it's the only constant in the world that we live. Now the question is "Are you willing to make that change and be the person you ought to be, as time goes by?" "Can you accept that, otherwise?"

Ask yourself! 
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Monday, November 25, 2013

How to Achieve Personal Excellence

Perhaps, personal excellence is the most important asset that you can acquire from all the undetectable and elusive ones. It requires a life-long perseverance from your industry. However, when you fully get to your field, you will get the highest gain in your country. 

Respect and esteem of the people around you will be enjoyed and you’ll be able to live your life your way. Also, self-esteem and personal pride will be attained.

Building Rational Assets 

Each of us has three forms of intellectual capital which requires investment of study and hard work that pays in higher income for the rest of our lives. It is consist of core knowledge, abilities and skills that are the result of experience, training and education. In the future, your contribution to your business will determine how well you do with those assets. 

Building Inner Facts

This is the second form that you possess for how your business will operate on the inside, in comparison with your competitors worldwide. Businesses develop procedures, methods, strategies and etc to be more productive in any way, rest assured of the customer’s satisfaction. Business also has internal systems for every department which can be from the admin, finance and other controls. It will take years to develop and for a new person to learn about it. So a person that understands these systems is irreplaceable for what he knows.

Building the Capability to Get Results

Here is the third asset that you may possess to determine your earning ability. Understand how you can get financial results in a competitive market by making use of product knowledge and other means to sell them. Also include your knowledge on how to deal with customers and suppliers to hold familiarity in all internal departments that it is consist of as it’s really valuable to the organization where you are. 

Exercise Action

First things first. Develop you earning ability at high and upgrade them. Take time to get to know your business components, customers and learn everything that you have to know about your products and services for the triumph of your business in one way or another. 

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Impact of Change

We live in the most vibrant world which human history have never seen and experienced. By and large, things will keep on changing more drastically, more rapidly and we won’t be able to become aware of it in any way when the future comes. The impact of change on every life aspect is something that must not be taken into consideration on making decisions. Also, there must be a central core to your existence.

A hinge should be around every change, which means that there should be something at the center of your being that consistently exists if you want to be stable and if you want to maintain a life with balance.

Sometimes, people feel that circumstances are controlling them. But the truth is, you are controlled by your own choices and decisions in all aspects. You got yourself into where you are now because of your past mistakes.

Now, if you want to go elsewhere in the future, making new choices and decisions in the present
 is for you to make so you life can change.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

What is Your Purpose?

Are you worn-out of aiming throughout your life? 

Do you feel stuck on wishing for more? 

Are you all set to do what it takes to focus with drive to passion?

Do you feel weary after setting up your goals with only a bit of complacency coming back and wish you knew the achievements that would exceed the craving of your soul?

Do you want unspeakable success but can’t seem to avoid the necessities and obstacles no matter what?

Do you feel aggravated with yourself because you are doing the same mistakes again and again? 

Are you ready to learn from your mistakes and move forward at long last?

Hundreds of people are going through the same thing on purpose. If you are not sure about yours, then you are not alone.
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Formula of Success

Shape Your Outlook

We have always been free to shape our own character. We make new choices and make decisions at any point in time especially when it comes to values and begin acting like we've had it already, ever since.

Conceivably, achieving self-respect, self-esteem and personal pride are three of the most essential means to measure happiness and that’s what everybody wants, beyond doubt. It is only when you have these ample qualities that you are going to feel good about yourself. 

Let’s chatter about each of it here

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The Psychology of Achievement

Have you felt like if you could define your life mission, you could move forward with ease, purpose and confidence towards your goals and fill your life with all the things you desire from fancy cars, gigantic house and loving relationships?

Now, you can!

Unfortunately, people, for the most part don’t know their specific purpose. They don’t know why they exist in that place where you find them, what they are born for and what’s there for them to accomplish. All we know is that we’re destined for something big, better and great than where we currently are.

Sounds familiar?

It’s actually not your fault to not know precisely your purpose. People are brought to believe in making a living at its utmost importance and words like “personal destiny” or most commonly called as “mission” in what fanciful dreams during childhood has tossed. Often though, people ends up questioning their life, buying books, attend seminars, watch videos and etc. But a lot of people have been drowned in the information that they get which can be really contradicting and at the same time, confusing.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Creating a New Habit

Reading has always been one of my interests but I went too lazy to do it constantly. Now, I've been reading a lot for another time and have gained knowledge about personality development to be able to improve my skills and career management.

Creating a new habit is one of the hardest things I think, I could ever do for myself especially with the lazy routines that I have, every day. Hence, realizing the benefits it could provide me for the future have made me decide to get back to that industrious self, years ago.

I was watching this video reference that was given by a colleague and have heard this 4 steps to creating a new habit.

  • Create a "new habit" list
  • Set a time schedule for each new habit
  • Do not open or check email without doing the new habit routines
  • Do it for 30 days to succeed

Now let's go and start doing your list  to make a new habit altogether!

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Steps to Avoid Inferior Complex Development


Carefully look for hidden agendas. People frequently make you feel inadequate or unfit for your chosen career. So be aware of such attack for you to avoid falling prey to the trap of believing that you’re not capable.


Be aware of criticism that would involve state of affairs you can’t change. This involves criticisms on your physical, emotional and sexual attributes in which you don’t have control. This will scare your self-esteem issues. Whenever this occurs you can just then focus on your uniqueness and draw on your own beliefs and values.


Create a wall to protect your being’s sanctity. Learn to ignore negative and damaging comments made for you. Adopt the notion about people who are entitled to their own opinions but you yourself also have the right to filter or disregard negatively targeted opinions.


Be open to positive criticism. This is actually good for self-improvement to indirectly help you become more fruitful and stable. Build on improving your weaknesses to avoid feeling inferior. Prevent negative or emotional draining accusations by focusing and managing your weakness to drag you down. Weigh things objectively and decide for the outcomes of such criticism.


Work close with people who make you feel good about yourself. People who encourage and embrace you are precious and hard to find. Nourish yourself with their wisdom while you strive to become stronger and more reliant in yourself during the process.


Love yourself enough but not to the extent of being arrogant. Show yourself the appreciation and respect for your uniqueness and potential to accomplish what there is to be accomplished. Self sacrificial behavior is good to a point but not when its already frustrating you and become exhausted.


Maintain a normal focus to keep calm. Work well with your strengths and know your own limitations. Stay away from people that will drag you down emotionally as it will only create down in your capabilities as an individual.


Refrain yourself from being bitter and angry. Instances like such will only deplete your self-esteem and will just waste your precious time. If your anger is rational and justified by hostile circumstances, think of it as an energy. Decide to be a better and positive person. Put such energy into real achievement that will prove your abuser wrong. Focus on a new starting point and aim to move forward to succeed. 
Besides, it can also be turned into humor.

Remember what Christopher Titus said? “I want you to hear your pain. I really do. I just want to hear it in joke form”

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How to Get Rid of Inferiority Complex

To feel inferior on others start from multiple factors which build a whole character, in the latter time.  Physical, verbal and emotional abuse can have damaging effects on a person to make him/her believe that they less deserve the acceptance of others.

Here are the steps to learn on how to build your resilience and take much realization on accepting things that is unchangeable to break away from any form of inferiority complex.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to Earn Respect of Others

Have you met someone rude and treated you without much regard? 
How does it feel? Was it annoying? Peeving? Or what?  Know by now that respect is gotten by just a few  while everyone wants it.

In this post, let me share to you the must on how to carry yourself out no matter who you are.

Be good at what you do

Everyone loves a competent person who presents their best work at all times. So if you are just starting out in your profession deserving no respect is what it means, it’s just about starting SMALL  and BUILD from there. Always consider gaining experience and improving yourself at its best to earn respect from others. Nothing is an overnight process but people’s respect for you will then be compromised in the duration.

Respect others

Life is a two-way street and so is respect. 
So if you want others to respect you then respect them first. 

Honor what you say

Integrity is always a must in every execution. Always make sure that you live up to your commitments and you are able to deliver beyond what’s promised. If for some reasons you were not able to comply, be sure that you have informed the other party and make up for it.

Be open to criticisms

In popular belief, being respected doesn’t mean that you won’t take criticism because it’s the total opposite. The more famous you get to be at work, the more criticism there will be, it's always expected. Besides, it’s not about rejecting criticisms but is about handling it benevolently. People respect people who’s able to handle negative feedback and make it turn into a positive one.

Treat yourself with respect

It’s funny to ask for respect from others when you can’t even respect yourself. 
You can't hope to get respect from others if you keep beating yourself up so start by loving yourself.

Conduct yourself professionally

This would include dressing up well, using appropriate language and having social etiquette. 

Don’t bad mouth others

Certainly, people with this behaviour don’t earn respect. If you are unhappy with a certain person and what he/she is doing talking to him/her on working things out. Talking behind his/her back won’t do any good. This will only attract negativity and will not only reflect you as a bad person whether you realize it or not.  
Be transparent in your communications.

Stand up for what you believe in

It is all about making a stand for what you believe in and make sure that you do it in a respectful way to others.

Be yourself

People respect people who don’t try too hard to be someone else that they don’t have a sense of identity at all. Discover who you are and your stand. The world only needs people who are true to themselves and not the clones of each other

Be a role model to others

Do you believe that you are a role model with the way you behave? Do you uphold yourself with the highest code of conduct? You gain respect by walking the talk and the most respected person is the one who inspire others to achieve their best and unlock their highest potential, not otherwise or in any way around.

If you respect yourself enough chances would be you wanting others to treat you the same. You should know that it’s always about conducting yourself, your attitudes towards others and your actions that would make you gain respect.   Respect is earned and is never given. Getting the respect that you want is directly related to your reputation. So build up a representative as a “stand-up guy ” and respect will follow as a result. 

Feel free to share your comments.

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