Monday, May 9, 2011

Bagyong Bebeng

Affected places:


Mt. Province

Let us all be aware of the typhoon that's being experienced by the Philippines.
This comes, not only once but many times. I believe we're not mighty people and just go, keep wanting the remedy of this catastrophe.

Believe in God, and do what we ought to do!
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All I Want: I Tell You

Too much obedience
Too much of having a kind-heart
Too much of letting things happen the way you want
Too much of allowing you to take control of things
Too much understanding
Too much selflessness
Too much courage
Too much of you!

Too much of all that you do is not gonna do me all the good forever.
Too much of dragging me to the right path, won't make me a real human
Too much of nagging for all the mistakes I do won't make me perfect

All I want is to be happy.
All I want is to be inlove.
All I want is to feel so much loved
All I want is to be with friends, anywhere
All I want is for you to SPARE me, and make me feel that I exist to find myself and know everything. I do not need so much imprisonment just to know all the good and bad in this world.

Your guidance and advices are all necessary but it's not all the time that you need to nag and scold me to the things, you thought I do not know.

I just want everything in my life to have sense!
That would make me feel that I am not just a dream come true when I came out from my mother's womb. But a "human" that has the right to live her life the way she wants it to be and with whom he wants to do it with.

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Pacman P4P King Won

Another ear-aching sound for another victory of PACMAN'S winning fight against "Sugar Shane Mosley" is shaking the country's grounds for another triumph for the Filipinos.

This similarly thought capacities and abilities of this two boxer turned out to dismay a lot of the watching crowd when the people started watching their "so boring" fight, I just don't know if the reason is the "so defensive" play of Mosley or "Pacquio's" being unable to conquer that defense of the opponent despite the very offensive attacks to make the fight into the expected one.

As far as my nationality is concerned I believe that both have shown the world how they wanted the fight to be that terrible by doing things of how they are known to. But there will always be a winner and that's "MANNY PACMAN PACQUIAO".

Again and again, Philippines is proud of you! More than proud for having you as a member of the said society who promotes Filipino strengths and pride. Keep it up! "Pambansang Kamao!"

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