Monday, March 28, 2011

Principles of Learning

Learning is a consequence of experience
It means helping an individual understand his past experiences and learn from them

Learning is a process that is highly unique and individual
Each learner is recognized as somebody who is different from the rest. One has his own strengths, weaknesses, ideas, level of learning, understanding and beliefs.

Learning is the richest resource in the learner’s self
Knowledge is a jewel that one can carry throughout his life, one which cannot be stripped from a person.

Learning is a cooperative and collaborative process

Learner and teacher should learn and teach together. The former must recognize the latter’s capability to deliver a concept.

Learning is an emotional and intellectual process

Learners are guided to find meaning and emotional content in what is being shared and learned.

Learning is evolutionary process

Learning is a process. It involves a series of steps, the next far more advanced than the previous one. A learner does not stop acquiring knowledge.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

Grief and sadness must be felt by every person who heard or witnessed the disaster, in which they are having a difficulty to avoid it and just expect for God's help for escape and survival to the said tragedy. My condolences to those who have lost their love ones in the different places of Japan.

And to those that were alive and have surpass what has happened, may we all continue to believe in God as the catastrophe continues to be happening.

It's the fact that we'll never know what will happen, that people come and go, by time and by will.
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Matured Love and Sexuality

If we are to learn to love with our whole selves, we obviously cannot do so as neuter "souls".. Instead, we must learn to love as sexual men and women, attempting to love other sexual persons in a fully human way. In order to love maturely, we must integrate our sexuality, a vital element in our total effective drive, into the service of love. CHRISTIAN THINKING HAS LONG SUSPECTED AFFECTIONATE LOVE BECAUSE IT MIGHT LEAD TO SEXUAL MISCONDUCT. But such misconduct is a risk inherent in the human situation, to be guarded against but not to be allowed to deter us from our life effort to learn to love. This chapter concerns our human need to RECOGNIZE OURSELVES AND OTHERS AS sexual persons. It considers the role of the body in human relationships and examines human sexuality as a healthy and positive dimension of personality that has broad expression in each person's words and work.
Emotionally mature persons can gze inward on themselves without fearing what they might see. Such persons are open to totality of their human experiences. Without being defensive, they can apprehend and accept their humanity, flawed though it may be, without undue uneasiness.The daily experiences of emotionally adult persons do not overwhelm or frighten them because they understand themselves. Such self-understanding is the foundation upon which any integration and mature control of the self must be built. In fact, friendliness to ourselves as we are is a first sign of emotional growth. Without such a healthy love of self, we can never be ourselves or give ourselves to anyone else. Theologians of every age have emphasized that the sinner fails not by loving himself too much but by failing to love himself enough.
Thus, I shudder when I reflect on the sacred maxim of the Christian: "Love your neighbor as you love yourself." I shudder because I'm so keenly aware of the psychological and emotional violence we do to ourselves in the process of our human growth. The Lord did not say"more than yourself" or "less than yourself" but "as yourself". Yet many of us priests and religious are uncomfortable with ourselves and consequently uneasy with others. Many priests and religious cannot accept themselves for what they are or love themselves in the human condition.
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