Monday, November 29, 2010

Buhay Mo Rizal


School has made students do the things that they never thought they could do
just like making poems like this out of the blue
This thoughts came to mind while reading the book
and realizing Rizal's life in each lesson we get to discuss...

Every lines may sound like a speaking child
But this is how I think about it
Hope you find it with sense
Cause that's all I've got for this

Buhay Mo Rizal
by: Reolcyl Reducto

Ang pangalan ay JOSE Protasio Rizal
Siya’y isang batang masipag mag aral
Teodora at Francisco mga magulang nya
Sa pamilya nila pampito ay siya

Calamba Laguna ito’y lugar nila
Kung saan isinilang siya ng ina
Itong katalinuhang taglay ay sagad.
At magaling na kahit sa murang edad

Ang kanyang ina ang kanyang unang guro
At si Rizal ay nagpursiging matuto
Siya’y nakapagtapos ng ilang kurso
Na naging dahilan ng kanyang asenso

Nakakapaglakbay dahil sa mga gawa
At dalawang libro ang nailathala
Iba’t ibang parte ng mundo ay abot
Sa kanyang mga lakbay siya ang may sagot

Sigunda Katigbak ang unang inibig
Ni Rizal na siyang may tikas at tindig
Subalit sa kanilang pag iibigan
Ay si Rizal, siya parin ang nawalan.

Ng kalayaan natin mabigyang daan
Isang bayani siya’y maituturing
Ito ay Dahil sa siya ay magiting

At Sa pagtatapos ng kwento na ito
Laging maaalala ang monumento
Na kailanman ito ‘y laging nakatayo
hanggang saan man ang lahat ay tutungo.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010


This facebook page for my designs was created last November 27,2010.
This was made just to show people what I've got to give in terms of designing with my own creativity and imagination through the following outputs (refer on this link
I just hope you'd post some encouragements and tips as well, tutorial sites too!
for me to be able to make better artworks in my chosen craft.


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Monday, November 22, 2010

Harry Potter 7 (Part I)

This last part of movie series "Harry Potter" started to be showing in movie theaters here since December 18, 2010. The film continues to be so fantastic and amazing as ever.

Since the series started it has never failed to show what's the best thing about it.
Seeing the 3 main stars of the movie again, they have gone so young, still.
The movie started with cruelty but ended expectedly.

In a way that I was able to know of where the "cut" of the movie would be
Because it's still the PART I of the last book of its series.
In totality it was a fabulous blast!

I could not say anything else, but just a redundant AMAZING..!!!

Can't wait to see the PART II :D
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Monday, November 15, 2010


You might be wondering what's this #34 is all about
But don't worry its just the number of units
I'll be loading this semester.
This unit number really, really. sucks!
My eyes is hurting every time I see this totality.
It was a good news that I was allowed to enroll this overloaded units
Because their overload is just 24 units
The very very good news would be
"the final list"
of graduating students, that is to be posted this December.

Wish me luck to be included in that list, folks!

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8th World Title Victory

Manny Pacquiao has been entitled the hero of his generation in boxing.
The crowd is at rawr whenever he is around
Signing autographs, taking pictures with fans and etc.

Watching his fight before winning the title, I can say
that it was a tough one. Unlike his previous fights with the other boxers
that it only seemed like it was too easy for him to win over them.

I'm proud to say that Manny continues to be so humble because when he
saw Margarito fighting despite the wound he has in his eyes,
he tried not to hit him much more.

Giving the crowd a very good fight is already worth the win
for him, as victory to his country, the Philippines.

Congratulations Manny!
We are so proud of you!
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