Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Trivia for Codes

A day in discrete class. I got to know about this sort of trivia through my classmate in our discrete subject. He shared to me the interesting thing about the that certain book, that he just bought recently, which is about codes and how to read them.


"I'm glad we met"

do you have any idea of how did it become its meaning?

I really adore the author of the book, who was also the author of the "Da Vince Code" book, that I have read before(the very first book I read), of how he was able to come up with this kind of strategy in converting encrypted codes into text.

I'll be waiting for your guess guys. This is really admirable.

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chelo said...

no iDEA at alll.

Jhnx Escan said...


"Interesting but Simple"

just share some thought on crypts and codes. it's a matter of the authors making pattern out of their own interest, meaning mahirap mag decode unless you go into the mind of the author yourself. pero minsan madali lang din through computer programs.

yung nsa book, i used excel to find out that:

A=B B=C C=D .... X=Y Y=Z Z=A

Regards. :)

keenobserver said...

google google google
madali lng hanapin sa google.

Lycloer said...

@meebo: ive told u nah kung how, hehe!

@escan: how did u know bout it? hehe! its really interesting, more codes to come..

@brylle: unya, nahanap nimo? :P

Rick said...

that's called letter shifting. if move each letter in the code back one letter in the alaphabet, e.g. h becomes i, you can decrypt that message

Prince_clark15 said...

waahaha gat no comment. asan na si sir toot diri? kadto nindot nga topic :)))))))))))

Ferdinand Hipal said...

walay lisod2?? ahay... hahhaha..
peace ar2nq...:)

Lycloer said...

@dada: ambisyoso..nagbasa jud ni bah, gamit2 daun sa promise2..haha! atik ra..:P more to come..easy manjud nah mag the next level daun..haha

Jhnx Escan said...

hmm ive read the book myself kaya dati na kong nainterested dyan.hehe

cOdes .... grrrr.. give me more coooodesssss.. :)

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