Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Health is Wealth

Lately body pains is felt by my body. I felt this body pains when I woke up from sleep last May 24, 2009. I woke up at 12:30nn on that day and walk out of bed struggling for my back pain. (Actually lately I always wake up at 12nn or beyond 12, because accdg to my mother I'm a graveyard internet user.Lol)but anyways, my back was aching with the reason I don'tknow. I choose not to tell my mother because maybe it's just a "pamaol". Maybe it has something to do with the way I sit everytime I'm surfing the net. So instead of telling her what my body is feeling, I hide it to her. She might
just scold me because of being online even beyond midnight. My right hand is tired of holding the mouse, my back is aching, maybe because of how I sit in different ways, my head and eyes are aching too because of staring at the monitor. It's still one day ahead that I'm having this body
pains so maybe soon it will just get well. I have this bad feeling about my jaw. I think it's already months ago when I felt like a bone in my jaw has been cracked. Now sometimes, I already find it hard to eat hard foods because sometimes, I'm already having a hard time opening my mouth because of the pain brought by it when I eat.I have told a friend about this, she told me to have a check up.But until now I still keep on ignoring it. Because maybe it's just my imagination. There are lots of body pains that I'm feeling lately and I just don't wanna mind more about it or else I might just think any other posibilities and will prefer to stay alone all the time.I'm afraid to have a check up from any doctors because I'm also afraid to find out if there's really something wrong.

In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.
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Monday, May 18, 2009

RACOISIE celebration

May 16, 2009

RACOISIE's two-year and a month monthsary. Only Dada and Ate we're together. According to them they didn't celebrate it somewhere else, because according to them, being with each other is already a celebration. So cool, diba? nyaha! Haha. Since I'm not there with them, we chatted with each other from 4-6pm. I had given them a link for them to see my simple gift to our monthsary. But the slideshow also includes the anniversary presence which was last April 16, 2009. Because I wasn't able to make something for our anniversary, I decided to make it (the slideshow) having a double purpose. Haha.
As of now it's the only kind of celebration that we could do CoiSie, but in the future it will be totally different. Lol. Hopefully. A wishful thinking.

"the slideshow"

RACOISIE on chat zone. Hehe

I forgot if what that facial expressions is all about

They are also with Les at that time,
I'm looking for the print screen. Lol
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Advance Date?

May 13, 2009

If last May 12, 2009 my bff wasn't able to meet me at the terminal, the next day BFF choose to absent in his class in Envi. Sci just to be with me at the terminal as I ride on the bus for my trip back to Gensan. I was suppose to leave their house at 12:30nn because I was to meet my friend "Rea" also but Aunty Glenda kept talking to me until 12:30nn has passed and to think my BFF still have his class at 1pm. So i hurridly ask permission from Aunty, that I really have to leave, telling her alibis because Aunty and Kuya we're stopping me from leaving so early. They want me to have lunch in their house before I leave but they wasn't able to stop me because I'm also after the schedule of my BFF.

I was already away from their house when I ride on a pedicab to go to UIC (annex branch) to meet my BFF, when I arrived there, after how many minutes we quickly had a walk to where the jeepneys and multicabs stops for a route to Ecoland (terminal in Davao). While the multicab is travelling along the road my BFF was looking at his watch every now and then, meanwhile he told me that its already too late for him to attend his class so he asked me to ride on a 3pm trip to Gensan and stay at SM while waiting for the time.

We had a so called "advance date" there in SM, there was eating nothing to eat but was talking about everything. Its an enjoyment that can't be seen on foods because eversince, we only have seldom bondings that we can't talk about in personal. We stayed there for 2 hours, and he sent me back to the terminal again 15mins (i think) before 3pm. He left after I've seated on the bus because he still have his class.

Dada, disappointment vanished because of the joyous feeling you've made me feel for being with me before I leave Davao City. I appreciate your effort everytime we see each other. Thank You So Much Dada..

este! sa uulitin pala..haha!

this man in ORANGE?. Lol

remembrance pic at SM
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Monday, May 4, 2009

God knows!

April 19, 2009

Grandpa passed away 8:00pm this day. I was not shock upon hearing that but I felt sad for his death. He has gone through a year of fighting for his oldness. Summer of 2008 was the last time I saw and talk to my grandfather. I remember myself telling him to wait until Summer of 2009 for him to see my father, because he really keeps on seeking for my father, because he is his favorite son. But I was thinking like, I know I lied, that he will still see my father before he dies because I know he won't be seeing my father anymore, even until his death, for some personal reasons. It's something about our family problem. For how many times, that me and my family keeps on telling Papa to go home and see his father, still we were not able to convince him. His pride was just so high that even us can't stop it from getting higher. He is being so strong to keep us, his family alive. He had to risk his parent's death to continue his support to us. When my Papa's mother died he was not also there but he was able to give some money to help for the expenses. My mother told me that my father keeps on crying on the ship, where he was working, when his parents died. Because he wants to see his parents when they died but he just can't. God knows what our family is going through, during those days that his parents died. I know the risks of my father just for us. So I hope God knows that too. Lolo, I know, that you know that too.

He was laid only for 5 days. He died April 19 and was buried on April 24 in Barobo, where he lived. I kept on crying in the church because I have only visited him once eversince I arrived in Mangagoy and I have seen his suffering but I can't make Papa call and talk to him. I'm sorry Lolo if I lied to you. God knows it was not my intention to lie. We Love You Lolo, and we will miss You.. I'm happy that you have finally rest. Papa loves u and God knows that everything, was not what my father wants to happen.

Bye Lolo.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Racoisie T-shirt Pattern

Black t-shirt's design

White t-shirt's design

The following designs are made by Engr.Hipal. Haha! Peace dada nq.. I told him to give me an output of the design that he wants for the RACOISIE t-shirt. What you see is only the pattern. Nice, isn't it? Nice one Engr. Hehe
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Bye for Now Dada

April 12, 2009

Dada has to leave Mangagoy already. He is to ride on a bus at a 2pm trip. We wanna be with him as we say goodbye to him for now as he goes back to Davao. For short (giadto pa namu xa sa Petron! haha). Appointments of Ate and I for this day, has to be move to some other time just to see Dada before he leaves.

Efforts are there because we love each other so much that we would rather choose to be with RACOISIE and risk the other friends of mine who is suppose to be with me during this day because I know its gonna be worth it. Ate and I loves you Dada.

Bye for now and see you again soon. Take care.
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Saturday, May 2, 2009


April 11, 2009

RACOISIE reunion, after so long of being far from each other for almost 2 years, atlast we've seen each other again. We (Ate Ec and I) thought that dada (Kapre) won't be able to go home in our hometown(Mangagoy) because there were lots of complications that happened. But I was also thingking that he will be surprising us, despite those complications. And I was right. I noticed like he was already in Mangagoy because he kept on asking questions about my destination and where am I gonna go next. By that time, I was trying to catch his surprise, and as expected, he confirmed that he is in Mangagoy already. According to him , they arrived at 4:00pm. He told me to go to there house with Ate Ec at 5:30pm, because they still have to clean their house before Ate and I could go there. He surprised us so we should surprise him too for a revenge. LOL. He told me not to go to there house, without him texting me that we can already go there because they are to fix there house first. But since Ate Ec is ready to go already by 5:00 we went to Dada's house already and to his surprise he stood up quickly and wore his t-shirt on, because when we arrived he was still naked and resting on their sofa outside their house. Haha! We're glad we we're able to surprise him too.

1st pic together after almost 2yrs

he is my beastfriend

we're bestfriends

kampi kami ni Ate Ec vs. Dada

rara and ehsie

always needs a referee

We had dinner in their house and was there until 9:00pm. Racoisie went to our house to ask permission from my grandma and to tell, that i'll be going home late. Then we went to Ate Ec's house to ask permission from Ate's mother too. Aunty Gene didn't give us the permission for us to go to Boulevard because it was already late at night and is not safe for us already. So instead of going to Boulevard, we went to Lecille's house and stayed there until 11:00pm. A confession was made by Dada in Lecille's place. After his confession I was interrogating him about something, and was insisting my question to him, but Ate and Les stopped me. So I stopped. Dada is only staying in Mangagoy over night. He decided to have a roundtrip for him to see us. It's his own effort for our reunion and we owe him that. We really appreciated his effort much. He is to leave at 2pm the next day to have his summer class in Davao City.The night has to end, and the enjoyment was too short for the years that we haven't seen each other. But atleast we were able to have a get together. Mixed emotions. There was a bit of sadness but the more is the happiness. I LOVE YOU!
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Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm Sorry

April 3, 2009

De Lasalle John Bosco College NSTP Graduation day

where I saw my long time no see and beloved "ATE EC". After almost 2 years that I haven't seen her, atlast on that day we already saw each other again. I was very..very..very.. happy seing her but I havent shown it to her that obvious.

I wasn't able to entertain her that much, because I was with my ex-bf at that time. I remember we had an agreement not to let him(my ex) know that we know each other, because this particular ex of mine is still asking for another chance from me. And he is working on it until now. She is my key to know the truth about my ex's sincerity.

I was somehow not feeling good after realizing that I haven't shown it the way I should have. I didn't know what stopped me from showing my happiness then. I was so disappointed with myself after realizing my reactions wasn't enough for me to feel bliss, upon seing her. I just wanna say "SORRY" Ate Q.. Wish I could have shown it, the right way. Really, soory :( I didn't let my feeling show. But I know you know that I had to do that.
Thank You for always understanding me Ate Q.. Loveu!

rasie at the DLSJBC gym gallery

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As we Wander

Ocean View Park

It was my destination on this day. I have seen the view of what this park could offer which is the "ocean" as to what the name of the place is. I was with my friends and batchmates from Andres Soriano College (where I had the last 2 years of my high school days). I thought we won't be able to go there at that time, because there are only few of us who can join, and I expected "mami" will be there, but sad to say she wasn't really able to get there. My mood was almost ruined by her, but my other friends were there so I was able to get back my mood. They had given me one of the most memorable days there in MANGAGOY BISLIG CITY as I have my short time stay there for my vacation.

the ocean view

first pic to the stairway

pic without me

we are family

without kuya rey
Thanks Guys, for your efforts, just to be with me.
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