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March 18, 2009

March 18, 2009
12am-2am: Movie Marathon while waiting Before 12am strikes, me and my cousin were having a movie marathon together. As to me I didn’t mean to stay awake at that time. But half of my reason for staying awake is because some persons might greet me at midnight. And so, when the clock stroke at midnight it was already March 18(it’s already my birthday). I was expecting greetings from friends especially from my closest friends. But unexpectedly, I was not able to meet that expectation. But some of my friends greeted me, its just that those persons that I was expecting to greet me at 12am wasn’t able to make it. One of those expected person I was expecting to greet me at that time, sent her greeting at 1am because as to her reason she wasn’t able to wake up at exactly 12am or minutes after 12mn.(which maybe is her plan) Greetings at 12mn came from unexpected people, where I was shock that they have still remembered my birthday. And those greetings continued till 2am. However, it made me smile, and I brought that smile till I fell asleep. And have left my phone charging.


(Classmates and Friends)

I woke up for a while at 8am, to switch on my phone and check if there was more greetings for me. And as expected, yes there was but then again those that I expected to greet me, still! wasn’t able to make it. After sending my replies to some of those who greeted me, I got back to sleep because my class for that day will start at 1-10pm. Then at 11am I woke up. As I go down the stairs I was waiting for my family to greet me, and they did. My mother sang for me while my father kissed me and told me that he will buy a cake for me. I nodded after hearing that from him. Then after that, I watched Ruffa and Ai while waiting for my cousin to finish her bath because I’ll be the next one to use the bathroom. After taking my bath. I dressed up for school and before I left the house I had a picture taking with my cake bought by my beloved father. Haha.

the cake given by my family


Ashamed but Bliss.

I arrived in school 2 or 3 minutes before 1pm. Before going to the classroom I headed to the SSC office first and when they see me arriving at their office they sang in choir a happy birthday song for me. That was so touching for me, but I wasn’t able to say thank you for it, but I’ve shown to them my smile for their effort to sing for me. I’m sad because even if I want to treat them, I can’t, even snacks, because my budget was only for my “barkada”. After how many minutes we headed to our classroom already and when I entered the room only my close friends in that class greeted me. I think there are just 3 or 4 of them excluding the SSC officers because though we’re classmates at that subject I don’t see them as my ordinary classmates. Then we had our class until 2:30pm. We we’re suppose to have a class in physics which is at 2:30-4pm. But our teacher is absent at that time so we didn’t have our class. I thought I could have talked with my friends while waiting for my next class which is at 5-10pm but since they we’re not yet in school at that time because some had their ojt’s, classes, and is making their thesis. Instead of looking for someone to talked to I stayed with the SSC officers in their office and got busy doing’ some stuff in my laptop. At 5pm my “kaberks” texted me that they are already in school at the 3rd floor to where they are going to have their class. I had to go up to the 3rd floor to see them and “momy claire” run to me and was hugging me till she finished singing happy birthday to me. I appreciated it very much. And “kuya xtian” greeted me also. He was kidding me that I can already have sex with someone because I’m already in legal age. Hahaha! After that, they go inside their classroom and I go to the comfort room. Since I also have my class in that same floor after going to the C.R I did go to my class too, it was until 7pm (if I’m not mistaken). After my class, their class was not yet done so I texted them that I’ll be right back because I have to go home to get the money because I’ll treat them (my barkada) for dinner. When I got back to school I attended my class in my last subject for that day which will end at 10pm. At 8pm “kenshe” arrived and my (barkada’s) class ended already. While me, I only spent an hour to my class. At 8:30 I decided to ask permission to my teacher if I can eat my dinner. And he said yes I can, so I go out of the laboratory and talk with my friends. So there, I invited my berks to eat but before going out hey asked me if I’m still going to come back in school and I said yes because I still have to finish the activity our teacher have told us to do. But they didn’t agree that I will still come back, even if I kept insisting to them that I really should. They didn’t agree because it’s going to be a waste of time and they didn’t make me agree also that I should not come back. So guess what did they do? They (“kuya xtian & bubbles”) asked my teacher if I can do his activity next week because it was my birthday and it was my debut and I am going to celebrate it. (God I felt so ashamed, because I’m going to be excused only for that reason.)But they told me that my teacher said to them, that I’ll be excused, and told them to send his greetings to me also. (After that I told them to get my bag because I really felt so ashamed for what they did).Ergh! Too much for that, they pulled me to go out in the school already and have dinner because I was still thinking if it was right for me to be excused that way. So we came down the stairs and ride in two tricycles because we can’t be occupied in only one tricycle. And so we arrived at “Amvalicious” I think it was a kamayan (basta kainan! He he). When we arrived we’ve choosen their combo meals from the menu and ordered. After that we started taking pictures already. My cam is going anywhere from one hand to another hand because all of us should be a “maniniyot” so all of us can have pictures,(for short we were exchanging the cam with each other). After a while of taking pictures “bubbles” invited me to go with her to the comfort room. After how many minutes “madam Sheila” followed, and we were taking pictures together while Bubbles was in the comfort room. And when “bubbles” got finished, we took pictures together too. After may picture takings I decided to go back to our table and when I go out I was shock because I’ve seen them lighting the candles of the cake they bought for me, and sang happy birthday to me altogether . How sweet of them at that night. Aren’t they? Because I never expected that they’ll buy a cake for me, but I should admit, that I was really hoping that they will do that for me, so my day will be very memorable to me thought it wasn’t celebrated like the way it is suppose to be. They really did, make it a memorable one. We took pictures with the cake, of course and we transferred to the other table which has nicer view for taking pictures. After that transfer, the orders arrived. And we got busy distributing to the owners their meals. Right after distributing we prayed and eat. I was the first to finish my meal because I didn’t like how their rice was cooked, and I was waiting for someone(clarkky) that I also invited for that dinner. I have informed them that someone will arrive but I didn’t told them the name so it would be intriguing, but they took their own guess about who is going to come. They had their strong guess that it would be “Clarrky” because I had given them a clue. I kept on laughing, when I look at their faces because they are really wondering about that person. Ha ha. Their guess was either ”Clarkky or Arpee”. Waiting Clarkky for how many minutes, he arrived when I finished eating my meal. But when I’ve seen him wearing slippers, I told him to go home and change his slippers with shoes because he can’t enter to our next destination if he won’t change. So he came back to their house and we’ll be right back. When I came back to our table they we’re wondering why Clarkky didn’t go with me to the table. I was kidding them that I’ve told him to go home and never come back. But right after saying that I made a follow up with the true reason. While waiting for “Clarkky” to come back, they we’re also telling me that they are also anonymous in surprises. But I’ve already had my strongest guess that “Arpee” will come and give a twist. And I was right. He came and brought that “flowers” for me from his own flower shop. I acted like I was really shock but I wasn’t really shock about it. But I appreciated it. Because I haven’t seen him for too long and he just arrived from Manila that time, but he still had time to make that arrangement of flowers for me. When he arrived he hasn’t seen me hiding under that tall plant behind the entrance. And just laughed till I’ve shown him my face, because he was wondering I wasn’t there. Ha ha. When he have seen me already, he gave me the flowers and said nothing, he just told me to squeeze that little puppy, that is also with the flower and it keeps on saying “aw-aw” but I still said thank you. Because the puppy is yellow (my favourite color) and its barking. That’s it. There surprises ended up and Clarkky arrived already.

Thanks guys for this cake
Thank You gys for being with me on my day
4 vavajes in no-name
I like the flowers Arpee, thanks!

meet Clarkky


We had to settle things up before going home.

Our next top was in “Babes” which is a disco bar. But before we headed there I decided to take the cake and flowers to my apartment and left it there because it’s going to be too hard for me if I’ll dance while having those stuffs with me there. After leaving the cake and flowers in my apartment, we headed directly to the disco bar. When we got there, we had this picture with San Mig Light mini poster or whatever you call it.We had two poses there. Also at the first stair before arriving at the entrance. And while walking up to the stairs. When we reached the main entrance we thought the boys would still have to pay for their entrances but the guard told us the boys can enter without pay also. So we go inside and have our own table. We ordered and took pictures again (as usual). We ordered a half set of San Mig and the next order was a Gilbey’s gin with lime. We danced all throughout the night till dawn.

pose with SanMig
at the back is the stairs
the SanMig and Gin bankers
im drunk hehe
party time
this dog is with the flower
given by Arpee
this dog barks

At 12mn “madam sheila” told me that her mother wants her to go home already because its dangerous for her to go home late because she is a graduating student. So I said “its okay if she has to leave” then “Kentoy” (her bf) sent her home and promised to come back. So they left. After an hour “Bubbles” was already drunk, they go to the comfort room with the permission, that she just have to urinate with “Mommy Claire”. I nodded. And I decided to invite “Kuya xtian” for a dance to make “sulit of the night” and the celebration of my 18th birthday. But though it took us how many minutes to dance I still haven’t seen “Mommy and Bubbles” back to the table, so I decided to go to the C.R to check if they’re okay but I’ve seen an unexpected scene there. Bubbles was crying for a reason that only that the two (mommy and bubbles) of them knows. Mommy just told me it was about a very worst problem of hers. I decided not to leave them there but “Kuya Xtian” choose to leave, for him to entertain the remaining guys, who were left on the table. We tried to comfort “Bubbles” and made her cry more. While she was crying her boyfriend “Aying” was calling on Momy’s phone but we choose not to answer that call because Bubbles” wouldn’t want us too. So we continued. She was about to tell me her problem when she vomited. So disgusting isn’t it? But I understand because maybe, it was not yet the right time for me to know bout that. After she vomited she wanted to have coffee outside but we told her she have to go back first to the table and rest for a while. And so we brought her back to the table and let her rest, (tyming because “kent” arrived already). They were comforting her when I decided again, to invite “Kuya xtian and Fred” for a dance. And so we kept on dancing. Kuya took a rest and I’ve called “Arpee” to dance also though he was drunk he danced because ”Fred” was holding him so he wont fall. While dancing I noticed “Aying” was already on our table trying to get Bubbles from us. By that time, I came back to the table to check if everything was still fine. But unfortunately it isn’t. Aying whispered things to Mommy but I don’t know exactly of what was it, but my guess is that he will take Bubbles with him to send her home. And that guess was right; he took Bubbles with him and go to his car. I was not suppose to follow them there but “Fred” told me I should, because she might do or say something to Mommy, so I decided to follow them and so my other friends did. When we arrived at the parking lot Bubbles was already inside his “boyfriend’s” car when Aying called mommy “walay pulos” because we’ve let Bubbles got drunk and so our boys argued with him because we never did that for it was her will to drink and she has her own mind. So he don’t have the right to tell us that because he didn’t even know what actually was happening to her girlfriend. She also told our boys “kamo unsa man pulos ninyo mga lalake? para makakuan mo?” So when “Kent” answered that with “seloso man kaau ka ying” Aying acted like he would hit him. Fred tried to stop Kent at first but when fred said some additional informations and trying to keep them calm but Aying pointed Fred and told them a threat so Fred got highblood too so he was about to fight also with Aying but we stopped them from doing that, because a commotion was about to happen, but thank God we were able to stop them from fighting with each other. After that mommy sent Aying back this car so he can move out from that place already. And so he did. We decided to have coffee in dunkin’ near “Babes” so they can drink hot Choc√≥ and keep calm again. When we arrived we weren’t able to go inside directly because “Arp2” was drunk and he also vomited. It was took him a long time to finish so “Kuya Xtian” was left outside to assist Arpee as he vomit. Inside, we’ve talked about what happened and explained each of their sides of why they acted that way. They we’re just concern about how Aying insulted Mommy Claire but for mommy she understood that initial reaction of him. Actually she understands each side of the story. She asked me if letting “Bubbles” go with Aying to send her home right for her to do. We all disagreed that it was right, because we’ve seen how “Bubbles” sent Aying’s hand away from her, and that only meant like she don’t want to be with Aying but since we had given to Mommy the decision, he allowed Aying to do that because according to her, he is the boyfriend so he has the right. So it would be okay. But she realized at dunkin’ that it wasn’t right that he allowed Aying to do that because we were the ones who was suppose to be with her when she go home because she was under our custody and she asked permission to her mother that the celebration is for me (sabay naglakaw, sabay pod dapat mag uli). So we called her mother to check if Aying sent her home already and she replied that Bubbles was still not there. So we decided to go to their house. As we go along the road we’ve seen Aying’s car, but he keeps on stopping so we decided to take over. So when we arrived to their house we directly explained to her mom what happened. After we got finished explaining Aying arrived already with Bubbles he let Bubbles lie to their sofa just behind the door. Me, Mommy and Kuya Xtian hide to the C.R when they arrived and we’ve seen each other when we decided to come out. Aying was about to leave, but we told aunty to call him back because we wanted to clarify things with him. He came back, and sat down. Mommy was initializing the talk between him and our group. Aying just kept on asking of why we didn’t even stop her girlfriend from getting drunk. Why we’re not answering his calls and his texts, so he won’t keep his won’t worry anymore. While they were talking my father was calling me and wants me to go home already. But I told him I still have to settle some things before going home and explain it soon as I reach home. When I came back inside Bubble’s house, Aying asked me”gitawagan naka sa imong papa?” And I said “oo” as I sat beside him and explained to him why we wasn’t able to answer his calls because he told me he was also calling on my number but I didn’t even receive any missed calls from him. Only a message from Bubble’s mother. Kuya Xtian made a follow up summary of what all of us were trying to tell him. Because some technical problems happened also which has something to do with our phones. After he listened to Kuya, he said he was “SORRY” for how he reacted and for what he had said. But he still called our boys “bayot”. Does he have the right to call our boys such names? What do you think? He also kept on pointing the boys just to ask them if they still have problems with him. And it’s not nice to look at when he points to them that way and is giving away threats to them. We we’re trying to settle things with him then he would still act that way? He called Kent as ”bayot”. He called Fred as “Ilonggo” and he didn’t even allowed Clarkky to explain, you know what he said? He just said this “ayaw pag explain ke wala ko kaila saimo, wala koy pakialam sa imong isulti” with his hands pointing to him. If you were him what would you feel? It was such a bad insult for him because I invited him not for a commotion but for a celebration. He was just trying to explain additional thoughts for what happened but he was being treated that way. But we choose not to react on about it too much because our goal was to settle those that had happened and not to make the issue bigger. So the night ended with shake hands, but when “kentoy” shoke his hand to Aying, he was being told like this “ayoha ng imoha ha ke nakabasa raba ko sa imong mga msgs ke emelou” but we just laughed at it. Because Kent is just that friendly and sweet that is often misinterpreted and misunderstood. We think the “taking advantage” is still in his mind but we’re still hoping that we have fixed things up. When I arrived home my father was waiting for me outside because I was suppose to go home at 3am but I already arrived at 4am so he wants me to explain why I’ve reached Bubble’s place but my permission to him was in “Babes”. So when I got in, I explained to them everything that happened. And they believed in me. They just laughed at it. And told me to go to sleep already because I still have my class at 8am. So I go to room to and change my clothes for me to sleep already. After getting dressed to sleep I texted Aying and told him to get over it, hopefully soon. And he replied to me “ngayo jud kog pacnxa sa imo, ingna nalng pod imong mga barkada ug kato inyo isa ka kauban kay murag palag raba kaau to cya” and I ended up with the reply”pcnxaay nanlng jud ta ani, cg get well soon ha.hehe” And he said “Ok. Thanks sa concern.” But after that I planned not to sleep and just make a blog about what happened so I can’t forget any detail because what happened was still fresh in my mind. I have made a page of some details of what happened but wasn’t able to finish it because I still have to wake up early and I can’t go to school that I won’t take a bath when I wake up, because I didn’t sleep. So I slept and just store into my mind what happened so I can finish my blog with the right details. zzZ (-_-)

Look, bubbles is drunk bcoz of her problem
Arpee is drunk bcoz of the Gin so
kuya Xtian(on yellow tshirt) took care of him

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This is how to use gradients in photoshop. I was taught by my teacher "rap2"..LOL's?(he might get mad, but he is just so humble that he wont accept being very good at this field)He was the one who helped me to discover more of photoshop. We are chatting for his online tutorial for me. That's how good he is. And my edits are the proof for his teaching. I call him "teacher" since then. So I'd like to dedicate this post to him. Thank you teacher! I owe you this pieces.
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Precious Kyla

Meet my niece..Precious Kyla is her name. She is the first bby of my sister next to me. Im a tita now. At my early age. But it's my pride to tell everyone that she is my niece. Because of her I am now relieved with the problems we had before having her in our family. We are glad that my sister give birth to her child in a normal delivery, though she was really a stubborn, pregnant girl while this baby was still in her womb, she wont listen to advices from my parents and relatives. But look at the baby now she's normally alive. I welcome you Precious Kyla to the family.
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Take the Risk

March 24, 2009

If the day day before this I just felt like crying on this day I cried. Because my valuable things has to be taken away from me temporarily. I took the risk just for me tobe able to pay my tuition fee, tobe able to go home to our province for a summer vacation and for the graduation of my sister in elementary, most of all for my father to be able to buy a ticket for his flight to manila for him to work again abroad. At first, i fought for my things but realizing that its worth sacrificing for I have to let it happen. I know my father never wanted that to happen but we didn’t have any choice but to sacrifice those for a while. Though I really need those things of mine, I had to consider more important things than still having those things with me without solving any problems. I had to swallow my pride for it and accept it whole-heartedly because the sacrifices are still for me and for the whole family to survive.

my digicam

& laptop

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