Wednesday, January 17, 2018

How To Set Your Priorities

It would be faster to get things done when you have already set your priorities. The more important a task is, the more valuable it would be and the more motivated you will become. Concentration is the first law ofsuccess and I would like to share some of the methods called ABCDE.

The method called ABCDE is something you can use in each day. It is so simple and very effective to make you become the most efficient person. Just take note of your list.

“A” as The Most Important

A is an item cited as a very important one which  you really have to do. It’s a task where you can face multiple consequences if not accomplished. For example would be failing to visit a top-most client or a boss that needs report for a meeting. That’s what you call, the fogs of life.

“B” as Those with Minor Consequences

This would be things that have minor consequences, only. This means that you can be inconvenient or unhappy to not doing it but it’s just as important as task A. Calling via telephone or checking the emails would belong to this one. However, you should never be doing task B if task A isn’t finish yet. Do not be distracted.

C as item with No Consequences

Whether you do something or not there would be no problem. It would include just calling a friend, have coffee with friends and completing some personal tasks during work hours. No hassle and has nothing to do with work.

“D” an item for Delegation

Try to find someone else who can do things for you. It could give you much free time to accomplish task A since it would determine your career.

“E” as Item for Elimination

This is something you can get rid of completely.  There are things that you don’t need to do so take it away. Focus on finishing task A and have the willpower to do so.

Soon as you get to develop the ABCDE method, you can get more things faster and easier. Make a rule on focus and concentration to accomplish things by importance and of no greater risk. Don’t react to everything at the same time. Make a choice and prioritize accordingly. Never disregard for this will all boil down to discipline and success.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

How To Stop Procrastination

Organize your tasks and manage it. Break down every step of the way to maximize your time. Write all details and prepare.

Prepare fully to accomplish tasks. Find time to prepare what you have to accomplish or you will mess up.

Take the smaller steps for task management. Choose the value of a task so you can continue with the others with no conflict.

Just take one step at a time. Discipline yourself so you won’t be left behind. For a momentum you have to overcome inertia and stop procrastination.

Choose a 5-minute task. Stop worrying about the whole of it. Take just a small piece each time you get a chance. No pressure should there be.

Choose the task that worries you most. Sometimes, it is the fear of rejection. So it would be more effective to deal with things first. Don’t pressure yourself too much on people’s reaction on the latter part. You might just ruin things out.

Go for the most unpleasant task first. This is the most basic. Everything else wouldn’t be easy to compare with. But according to study, exercising beforehand would be very effective to finish a task.

Think of the consequences when you don’t finish it. There is always that consequence to everything we do. So take time to how things would turn out if you can’t do things. Sometimes, you just have to motivate yourself and think about negative outcomes.

Have you tried any of these tips? If not, then you might wanna consider and share some comments you might have.
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Sunday, January 14, 2018

How To Show Gratitude

Have you acknowledge the fact that you have to be thankful for everything and anything you have? Have you said thank you for all the work others have done for you? It can be your friends, relatives, family, parents, workmates and others?  You should make it a habit for self-help.

The more you show gratitude, praise and give others the encouragement to do so the more you are able to help other people thrive.

1.       Appreciate People. Tell and show people that you appreciate them, all the time. You can make people like themselves whenever you show them that you do like them. You can make them feel more important and that they are valued and worthy of your attention.

2.       Get the Self-Esteem From Others. When you say thank you to others, you make yourself feel better at the same time. It makes you happier and you feel more integrated on what you do. When you feel that gratitude things will go into flow and the rest follows. Begin each and every day with the feeling of gratitude and you’ll see what happens.

3.       Continue to Approve and Praise. This is another way to make other people feel better. It would be generous and kind to do this gesture. Others would be able to lift themselves up and so as you. This has been psychologically proven, so might as well try it and feel happy.

4.       Praise for a Minute. The more you praise the more people will appreciate what they are and what they can possibly do. It can be something large or small as long as it affects other people. You can help them achieve self-help and their goals.

5.       Practice Reciprocity. People will give back what you have given even without you saying. For as long as you show it genuinely you will also receive genuine assistance. Wonderful things happen if you don’t expect anything in return and just give it.

6.       Listen and Pay Attention. Try to give attention to others and know more about them to see who they really are. Take every opportunity you have to discover something and be more appreciative of what is really going on. So you can understand and make more for their own good and yours.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

How to Get Loyal Customers

Satisfying your customers and getting customer loyalty is something that makes successful businesses. There are levels to acquire that loyalty based on their expectations for greater success.

1st level

Meet Customer's Expectation

The top most priority when handling customers is to meet their expectations to give them the satisfaction of what they need. However, this would only satisfy them. This wouldn’t make them be a loyal customer. Then, if you fail them they can always find someone better to do it. Be a good observer to you competitors and the experts.

2nd level

Exceed the Expectations of Customers

There is always that need to go an extra mile at all times. If you are a business person, this should go as something mandatory. It has to be swift, friendly and the best customer service that they should get. It can give your company the edge it needs over others. It could increase your profit. Customers are often, more than willing to pay for it.

3rd Level

Make Customers Happy

Have you seen your customers smile because of your production? This means, that your customer is happy. They are happy because they have been emotionally attached to what you were able to meet on their need. By doing so, you can gain customer loyalty and everything will start from there. It would be hard to pray over loyalty if you’re not doing something about it. Never stop giving customers the joy they need for the accomplishment they are working on with you. There are many ways to do that like taking follow-up calls. Show them that you care for them.

4th Level

Surprise Your Customers

Achieving remarkable profit and growth in business would also require surprises that would keep their amazement on what you can actually provide. Those are just simple efforts on getting customer loyalty to delight your customers with the affection you can show and execute towards their orders and other needs. Therefore, you can reach the farthest when you do all of this levels.

To succeed on your business, you have to evaluate with your customers. Ask questions like, what can you still improve? What else could you possibly need and what can you do for a better service? 
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Thursday, January 11, 2018

How Be a Leader

Do you believe leadership comes from your own personality? Or you think it can be learned? Self-confidence would be the necessary trait to acquire that position but it doesn’t have to be really difficult. You just have to practice the right habits accordingly.

The Importance of High Self-Esteem

Gain much self-esteem as you can. So you have to “like” yourself so much because you can always perform and behave better if you have self-respect. Therefore, you will have the confidence you need.

Live Consistently with Values

Another important thing in being a leader is having the untouchable values. Actions and feelings react to one another and if you feel that something’s not right then you have to be clear to everybody. By it, you will be more valued and respected like how you wanted.

Be a Courageous Leader

Life is full of risks. Whenever there is an action the output is not always sure. So it’s a risk. Ventures to anything you don’t know so well is a risk that cannot be determined. So you need to have the courage to deal with it when it strikes to be able to pursue on your goals.

Be Intelligent on taking Risks

Analyze the risks and assist it to avoid much more risk. Uncertain situations will make you capable of maintaining your self-confidence. Treat your fears as challenges that could take you anywhere farther. Be fearless to lead the rest.

Admit Your Mistakes

Nobody’s perfect. And leaders aren’t right at all times. Leaders have to be with great courage to be open-minded. Some leaders fail due to failure of doing so. Don’t be too caught up with your ego. You will become better if you accept your mistakes. Don’t be over confident. You may not be wrong but there is that possibility for you to become better with other’s ideas. New thinking, new solutions, you can have it.

Manage Your Insecurities

Things can be very thrilling and uncertainties can shape you into a better kind of leader. You just have to continue on doing the right practices.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

How to Manage Time

To be productive means learning to manage your time effectively. Success is based in foundation of time and knowledge so you have to deal with it.

Here are 5 techniques for your referral:

Sense of Urgency
Speed is the most important factor to time management. To have that sense of urgency it has to be executed fast to achieve something productive. The tempo is essential. Most people who gained success did not only work hard but also fast.

Stop Procrastination

Doing something tomorrow even if you can do it now is one of the main reason why success is moved. You have to be able to manage your time wisely and productively. Every day is a new chance to get what you have been dreaming of. You should have the repute and speed for people to depend on your qualities. Small tasks should be done instantly to be able to work on the other stuff. It should be enough to make you do all the pending tasks.

Work in Actual
Keep your focus on every task. Each time you get to think it should also be done to achieve something.

We all have the capacity but we cannot just accomplish things without consciousness of what’s right. Take time to learn more. It’s never too late.

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Monday, January 8, 2018

How to Overcome Financial Obstacles

For some reason, many people believe that they don’t deserve financial success. Do you believe in the same thing? And can you ask yourself why? Negative thinking makes a great impact to destruct yourself on your financial habits which could really be hard to break.

Money Attitude

Experiences vary from the tribe we came from and the people we get to be with. Guilty feelings can cause people to throw money away. It takes a long way and a lot of means to achieve enough and you cannot dare to sabotage yourself for that reason. To change that, you have to see money positively.
Money can be thought as your lover. It has to well-courted to deserve its attention and care. When you respect and value it, it would show up. Otherwise, would be nothing.

Think Like “I deserve this money”

Most people think that they are not very good in handling their money when in fact it can really be practiced. Believe in yourself. That is where you start. You have all the means to have the capacity on what you need. See yourself as a successful financer and you deserve it. That’s the right attitude.

Know that Money is Important

Money gives you many things. It gives you your wants and needs including your dreams. But you don’t have to be preoccupied with it. It doesn’t exist for that purpose. It is necessary to be able for us to live and you have to determine whether or not it still is serving its purpose.

Do the Moves

First, recognize and accept the fact that you are not alone in the same battle with money problems. The skills needed to keep your money can be learned and practiced. Whatever others can do about it, you also can. Trust in yourself.

Second, learn about money from now on. And apply the lessons you can get to discover something for your own in the future.

Invest Your Money in the Stock Market

Not all people would agree with you on this. But there’s nothing to lose if you go try it. Try having others teach you and you will be surprised to what it can really offer.
Nonetheless, it’s never too late to learn and try new things.

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